The Kimaka Gala

Promoters of Culture and Peace

Since 2010, the South Sudanese Community celebrates its cultural riches at the annual Kimaka Gala. To the visitors great joy, the SSCDAU assembles cultural crafts, foods, clothing, dances and music from many different tribes. Changing the perception of the South Sudanese as a people in constant conflict, the traditional dances of Madi, Acholi and Kisira could keep no guest on their seat. Among the many smiling faces some have spotted ambassadors, ministers and even His Majesty the King of Busogo – all shared their laughter with the people of South Sudan, Africa and other parts of the world.

In SSCDAU’s over ten years of engagement with communities affected from the worst abuses the war in South Sudan has brought with it, they found the best access to unite the different peoples: By recognizing each tribes unique cultural beauty, the pride of each people is restored, respected and responded to. From the joy of expressing the own culture, the joy in experiencing another becomes easy. This engagement truly carries the promise of a peoples peace.