South Sudanese Cultural Development Agency in Uganda

Organization Profile

South Sudanese Cultural Development Agency in Uganda(SSCDAU), is an organization that ,promotes, cultural values and sports for peace, unity and tolerance by embracing diversity among communities To co-exists with each other in harmony Working with all groups and ages of members the young , old, graduates, and semi-skilled, skilled and educated To help reduce tensions among members affected by long time community conflicts. Using culture as identity and pride, for equal opportunities and socialization at all levels, for sustainable peace and development for all.


  • Promoting peace Education
  • Culture
  • Protection of environment
  • Training
  • Sports development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Job creation
  • Advocacy


Sports for peace, leadership and community organization in Kampala, Uganda, 27th-30th October 2018

  • Training of trainers for sport leaders and organizing officials, both national, regional and international sports events

People reached: 25 coaches (mixed)

Budget: Available: 200USD/ Required: 12,000 USD

Community leaders to peace ambassadors 14th -16th November

  • Training of community leaders to become peace ambassador’s, Promoting different cultures of East African regions

People reached: 64 (mixed)

Budget: Available: 200 USD/Required: 300 USD