Spotlight on Nyajima Manyang Gatwech: A young South Sudanese tells you what's at stake and what she does for her people!

I am by the names Nyajima Manyang Gatwech. I am a student at Makland Institute, Kampala. I am moved by a particular concern. Since the war broke out, many South Sudanese citizens had to face great challenges. Women and children are often victims of rape. Apart from the immeasurable psychological damage, rape can leave destitute women and girls who are already struggling to survive pregnant with a child. Also, rapists spread sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. Unable to pay school fees, the young girls can not continue their education and remain ignorant about the impact these diseases can have on them.
I live now in refuge from the war in Kampala. Last year in 2017, I started volunteering with the African Youth Action Network (AYAN). Here, I was trained on different issues and I took part in their activities. In 2018, I joined International Youth for Africa (IYA). Supporting their work increased my self confidence and I took the every chance to speak in public and express my feelings freely, without fear. On 28th of July 2018, I attended a training in Juba, organized by Eve Women Organization and Women's International Cross Culture Exchange (ISIS WICCE). This training changed me a lot. I want to raise the voice of a woman and make use of our powers. As time goes on, I would love to help others to realize their strength just as I did.