Spotlight on Martina Keji Wilson: Listen to the Gospel, look at the fashion that brings the rhythm and style into the peacebuilding!

If I can’t dance, it is not my peacebuilding initiative: Martina Keji Wilson is an artist through and through, designing her own line of clothing for a Kampala-based fashion outlet, while at the same time following her other great passion: singing and making her fellow South Sudan dance. Martina graduated in Education and made use of her knowledge when she started to participate in as many activities and trainings of the South Sudanese Cultural Development Agency (SSCDAU). Going from community to community, Martina encourage the youth and the elderly, women and men to give a little bit more attention to their passions. The artistic talents of the South Sudanese will bring their peace to a joyful life, just as Martina shows in her Gospel.