Independent Board

Malual Bol Kiir is a South Sudanese peace activist and human rights advocate. Escaping the turmoil of the war in his home country evoked Malual’s drive to elevate his fellow youth as a force for peace. For both his people in South Sudan and in the diaspora, Malual co-founded the African Youth Action Network (AYAN) and later Jupec. Due to his exceptional knowledge on the involvement of youth in peace and conflict prevention, he was designated to join the advisory panel of experts to the UN Secretary General on Youth, Peace and Security Study established by the UN Security Council Resolution 2250(2025). Malual is a Honoree for the Women’s Refugee Commission’s 2017 Voices of Courage Award and the 2018 Champion for Children, awarded by Right To Play.

Stene Johann Oßenbrügge is a German expert in disaster risk reduction and emergency response preparedness. A DAAD scholarship recipient and master’s graduate in Global Studies / Peace and Security in Africa, Stene worked both in the private sector and from NGO’s, political foundations and the UN Operations and Crisis Center, before he advised Caritas Kampala on their refugee response plan. In close collaboration with South Sudanese civil society organizations, he widened the common ground they shared with the Catholic Church of Uganda. Stene co-founded Jupec after assessing the needs and opportunities of the South Sudanese civil society. He is currently expanding the international response to the South Sudanese refugees while working with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus DASSC.

Anthony Ssembatya Makayu Kimbowa is a Ugandan advocate for community development and women and girls education. He is a board member of the Association for Community Development and a recipient of the CDS Ted Bradshaw Award 2015. International As a recipient of scholarships from the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung and the KAAD, Tony focuses for his doctoral research on citizenship and statelessness, gender-based nationality laws, post-conflict reconstruction and women and education. Being a witness to the capacity of women to reconcile and rebuild in face of some of the worst atrocities his region experienced in the last decades turned Tony into a feminist, running his own charity for the education of youth in Uganda. He passionately supports the UN Girls Education Initiative, the Women in Education Agenda and Advocacy for Girls access to Education in Post-Conflict Nations. The South Sudanese are facing challenges that reminded Tony of problems he helped to overcome, thus he committed himself to fully support Jupec.