Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ)

Centre for Peace and Justice is an indigenous non-governmental organization founded in December 2016 as an advocacy and human rights organization. It serve as a platform to amplify the voices of citizens and activists, and to foster solidarity between them. Centre for Peace and Justice seek to use innovative approaches to engage critically with and formulate practical solutions to the challenges of governance, memorialization, peace and human rights faced across the country.


  • Human Rights
  • Strengthening community-based advocacy
  • Encouraging accountability of state actors
  • Documentation of human rights violations



  • Promotion of peace and social cohesion between the refugee and host community.
  • Empower youth to be agents of change and development in their communities.

People reached/ Starting date and Duration:
3 months

Budget required:
37,500 USD

No Dinka No Nuer

  • To understand the different forms of online hate speech and asses their impact as a community
  • Enhancing the capacity of the local leaders in mitigating hate and dangerous speeches in the society.
  • To understand the causes and effects of hate speech through community peace forum and handle then in communal perspective.
  • To reconcile the community and bring them together through sport for peace.
  • To explore ways of addressing hate speech online that sometime result to violence in the community.
  • To establish co-existence and appreciation of diverse cultures and tribes by all community members.

Starting date and Duration:
2 months

Budget required:
17,000 USD