Caritas Kampala is the social arm of the Catholic Church, mandated by the Second Vatican Council for the promotion of socio-economic development, human rights, justice, peace and good governance. It is inspired by the Gospel and Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church. Caritas Kampala op¬erates through well instituted structures and systems of the Church to address the challenge of society’s inability to effectively respond to the socio-economic, political, cultural, environmental, human rights and good governance challenges. It does this through advocacy, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, mediation, paralegal and legal aid services, civic education and community peer counseling. It also promotes dialogue on accountability and good governance as well as environmental education. Caritas Kampala builds on the resourcefulness of communities, families and individuals by empowering them to effec¬tively


  • Provision of Social services and economic empowerment
  • Promotion of reconciliation, love, justice, human rights and peace in the social, political, environmental, cultural and economic spheres


JUPEC Initiation, CANLET, Kampala, Uganda

  • Bring together different Commuity members, church groups and South Sudan embasy representatives
  • Bringing together different stakeholders in the South Sudanese refugee response to initiate a network where peacebuilding efforts among the South Sudanese refugee community are enhanced.

People reached: 38 South Sudanese community leaders

Date: March 3rd, 2018

South Sudanese interfaith prayer for peace in South Sudan

  • Bringing together different ethnic communities of the South Sudanese urban refugee community in Uganda to pray for peace in South Sudan.
  • To use football as a peace building tool to unite conflicting communities

People reached: 300 refugees

Date: July 13th, 2018